Keeping Your Feet On The Ground. ‘’Grounding’’ Theory

The Earth is the original anti-inflammatory/electron donor and the biggest antioxidant.’ Martin Zucker

Grounding Intro:

Skin-to-earth contact is life’s ultimate ‘free’ anti-inflammatory and anti-aging medicine! Humans, as well as all other living organisms, have evolved whilst connected to the earth. Modern lifestyles have separated humankind from the natural healing properties of the earth via the ‘insulation effect’ of synthetic shoe soles, materials in buildings and beds. Regular grounding restores and maintains the human body’s natural electrical state, which in turn promotes optimal health.

We evolved/function in coordination with the earth cycles and rhythms (bio-synchronised circadian rhythms).The biological clocks of the body need continual calibration by the phases of the earth. The earth’s surface electrical potential rises and falls in relation to the position of the sun, producing ‘telluric currents.’ Daily high and low polarities orchestrate internal bodily mechanisms when a stable ’reference point’ (e.g. being in touch with the earth) is established. This regulates sleep-wake cycles, hormone production and healthy homeostasis via our hypothalamus.

The Earth is ‘the’ most negatively charged entity in the immediate environment (0 volts). All biochemical reactions are electrical in nature. To maintain optimal harmonious homeostasis no electrical disturbances or out-of-sync-ness should occur. Being “grounded” means our electrical potential is that o of the earths.  Positive charge can accumulate in the body but being “grounded” discharges this, shielding us from any further build up.

From head to toe there exists an extracellular network of conductive collage that interacts with the environment; a high-speed electron network that interacts with all parts of the body including the genes in every cell. The foot is one of the most densely populated areas of nerve-endings in the body

Being barefoot creates an open communication between the foot and the ground via the ‘Yong Quan Point’ or ‘Kidney 1 acupuncture point’. This is a major entry point for absorption of earths Qi, connecting to the urinary bladder meridian that reaches most organs and also connects to the central meridian in the back as explained by Chinese traditional medicine. When organs are energised, internal organ tension (inflammation) is reduced and our calming parasympathetic nervous system is engaged.

‘The amount your foot touches the earth, or you connect to the earth through a Grounding wire, your physiology changes. An immediate normalisation begins and an anti-inflammatory switch is turned on. People stay inflamed because they never connect with the earth, the source of free-electrons, which can neutralise free-radicles in the body that cause disease and cellular destruction.’ Jans  Oschmann

Our homes and workplaces are covered in non-conductive, earth-separating layers of wood, synthetic carpeting and vinyl flooring.  1/3rd of our lives are spent asleep on elevated beds on elevated houses, disconnected to the earth. Static electricity in the body increases with the rubbing of synthetic materials (clothes) against the body especially when seated in travel (triboelectrification).  Our shoes have several layers including a sock liner that totally blackouts the ‘sensory-response’ of the foot and the ability to draw electrons from the earth. Chronic disconnection will lead to bodily dysfunction – inflammatory related disease and accelerated ageing.

Grounding and Everyday Electromagnetic Field (EMF) exposure:

EMF’s in nature are direct current (DC), the electric charge only flows in one direction, ‘man-made’ EMF’s are alternating current (AC) changing direction periodically. AC current creates electrical interference within the body, disturbing our natural internal circuitry. A 60Hz EMF can’t break chemical bonds (destroy organic structures) but can exert forces upon molecules! Typically in a house there will be hidden wires in walls producing EMF’s. Beds are usually the most electrically active areas in our homes with alarm clocks, bedside lamps and mobile phones amassing in a single area. Holding a voltmeter as you approach electrical devices in the home, work or urban environment can demonstrate when one’s voltage increases from EMF ‘noise’. EMF exposure for long periods of time reduces blood-oxygen levels, increases rick of infection, stress and degenerative disease. As with all electrical devices, grounding prevents electrical shocks, shorts and interference (static charge build up). The Daily grounded person will equalise to the same electro-potential as the earth.

Grounding and Inflammation

Free radicals being deficient in electrons are ‘positive charged molecules’ and seek out other electrons to become stable. They are pro-inflammation in nature and can cause chronic hot pain, cell/tissue disintegration, organ dysfunction and eventual disease when we have an inability to neutralise them.  This is partly due to an electron deficiency (low anti-oxidant resources) and/or excessive exposures of free-radicals. Inflammation is a sign that the bodies defensive mechanisms are at work, inflammation is the messenger not the root cause of disease!

Chronic inflammation can lead to arterial disease where blood can chelate, reducing the flow of nutrients and oxygen to cells and slowing the removal of waste products. Blood vessel elasticity becomes rigid and constricted. This can lead to eventual heart attack or stroke.

Chronic free-radical damage that isn’t contained encroaches onto healthy tissues, signalling white blood cells to release a further free-radical attack which equates to more inflammation. If this situation is prolonged it  can turn into an ‘auto-immune disease’. Common auto-immune diseases are Type 1 diabetes, Rheumatoid arthritis, Multiple sclerosis, Hay fever, Allergic reactions/ food allergies & Eczema.

Common chronic inflammatory diseases
Cardiovascular diseaseInflammation causes thick unhealthy blood and arterial damage
AtherosclerosisInflamed blood vessels plaque and narrow, increasing blood pressure, straining the heart & increases risk of blood clots
Type 2 diabetesFat cells cause the release of inflammatory messengers that can lead to insulin resistance
CancerInflammation contributes to tumour growth and inhibits our body’s defences against abnormal cells
Nerve degradation/ dementiaInflammatory response to damaged motor neurons. Inflamed brain tissue develops plaque
Reduced stress coping abilitiesWhen resources are all spent to deal with current stress/inflammation anything additional will have a crippling potently fatal effect
Premature ageingAccumulative free-radical oxidation damages DNA increasing errors/mutations of genetic expression (e.g. skin wrinkling), harm mitochondrial functioning (energy production) and produce dysfunctional cross-linked proteins
Chronic inflammation, chronic disease and accelerated-ageing are all closely relate

The body has its own intelligence to heal itself. If the imbalances caused by stress are relieved, we set up the right ‘conditions’ for health to manifest. This happens if we provide the body with natural (synthetic free) elements: clean air, proper organic antioxidant-rich nutrition, pure water, quality sleep and adequate connection to the electrical rhythms of the earth.

Infra-red Thermography imaging has demonstrated groundings anti-inflammatory effects. Other anti-oxidants effects are found in fresh fruits, vegetables and wholefoods as well as deep breathing exercises and de-stressing techniques like meditation.

Grounding and Stress

‘More and more people today live in a constant state of constant physiological stress arousal’ Clinton Ober

Cortisol is a stress hormone that activates the sympathetic nervous system which puts our bodies into a fight or flight mode. Constant stress (physical, psychological and/or environmental) increases cortisol which can lead to a hormonal imbalances and a hyper-catabolic (unbalanced tissue breakdown) state. Sympathetic system over-activity leads to increased appetite (carb cravings), blood fat disorders, increases blood vessel constriction/elevates blood pressure, increased fat deposition around the mid-line, can lead to metabolic syndrome/insulin resistance (the precursor to diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease) and elevates C-reactive protein (CRP) levels , a marker of inflammation.

Grounding during sleep re-synchronises cortisol secretions to its natural normal rhythm. The Highest secretion is normally at 8:00am (increasing alertness in the mornings) and the lowest secretion is at 12am (allowing quality sleep). Balanced cortisol levels mean less stress or increased ability to cope with stressors and less short-term compensatory strategies e.g. comfort eating/smoking/alcohol etc.

Grounding reduces inflammation, neutralises free-radicles, disengages the sympathetic nervous system and thus normalises blood pressure.

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